Whanganui Midweek - 2021-07-21


Steadily finding my way on my own

Rep Talk

Three months have passed since I found myself without my pal. Finding my way on my own has not been easy, but with my amazing family, friends, and those wonderful Angels around me, I am experiencing that life is about constant readjustment to my surroundings. Whether it be the people around me, keeping up with running my home with changed finances, or simply working out what to do each day. Change is something we all have in abundance these days and I’m sure it all spins quicker than it used to. As the Canadian Armed Forces motto says “Adapt, Improvise, Overcome”. This to me means to do whatever I can with the tools I am given. It is a bit like cleaning out the husband’s office and shed, finding all the tools he had from his work and play, working out what they do and wondering if I can use them. My Angels suggest I don’t need to keep them all (actually my family say that too). Sometimes it is best to give things away or even put them in the rubbish. I ask myself, “Will I use this, read this or do this craft?” Maybe it’s time to let it go. I plan things and this has brought me another valuable lesson. That if the plan doesn’t work, change the plan, not the goal. Last week I set off to achieve my goal to travel around solo in my bus. Maybe more about that in the weeks to come. Except to say I have connected with a group of ladies who travel solo around our beautiful country, they are known as Motorhome Babes. Aged from about 50 upwards, there are 900-plus of them. Remember my friends, life isn’t always easy, it’s challenging, almost impossible at times. A reminder from our Angels — we each have our own ability to not give in and instead make the best of the moments and opportunities! So, if you keep reading, I will keep writing. Might not be weekly, but knowing you enjoy this column certainly encourages me to write. Arohanui. Shirley-Joy


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