Hauraki-Coromandel Post - 2021-06-10


Diversity needed


There are a good number of divisive issues presently in our communities. Issues that require good community consultation and good community information, but mostly these issues require good community leadership. When I look at the makeup of our community boards I feel disheartened at the lack of diversity, and the gender imbalance. This situation has been brought into sharp focus for me by the resignation of the only woman on the Tairuapauanui Community Board. What can we do in our communities to make it easier for younger people, culturally diverse people, to be part of our community boards? How can our community boards reflect the changing population of the Coromandel Peninsula? I think that until we can meet these challenges, we will make little progress on those issues that seem to take way too long to solve, and during that long process foster deep divisions in our communities. Lyn Dallison Tairua Dog tax I see it’s dog registration time. A tax with a different name. Dad spent many years living and working in Australia. They don’t have this annual tax. Your dog is microchipped, can be scanned at 200 metres and you’re fined for breaches. Here, we have to pay for that privilege. I am sure there are lots of reasons, like the dog tags are expensive, there’s admin and of course the ranger. Speaking of which, here in Whanga our new ranger is on the hunt for dogs off leashes. It’s winter. We understand the needs of everyone when it’s packed down here but usually this time of year we cut a little slack. But Dad and I will try to do better. George Fay Whangamata


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