CHB Mail - 2021-07-22


Bacon goes with everything


New Zealander James Smith is known as the The Tattooed Butcher. He worked his way from a night-shift worker in a small butcher shop, to a butcher apprenticeship at the age of 17 . . . to now, an award winning butcher who has a love for cooking and his own business. Smith will share his passion and skill for butchery and creative cooking with meat on July 30 and 31 in the Neff Cooking Theatre at the Auckland Food Show, at the ASB Showgrounds. Following is one of his recipes: PORK BELLY BACON Ingredients ■ 1 x boneless pork belly preferably with the rind off Sweet bacon (Ingredients/makes 4kg roughly) ■ 400g kosher salt ■ 200g white sugar ■ 50g pink salt ■ 150ml of maple syrup Savoury bacon (Ingredients/ makes 4kg roughly) ■ 400g kosher salt ■ 200g white sugar ■ 50g pink salt ■ 5 x garlic cloves crushed ■ crushed bay leaves ■ 1Tbsp cracked pepper corns Method Place the pork belly in a zip lock bag then add all your ingredients to the bag. Rub all ingredients around the pork belly evenly before refrigerating. Refrigerate for seven days, flipping the pork belly over every day to ensure both sides are evenly soaked in your bacon mix Remove from the fridge and take the pork belly out of your bag and rinse under cold water, making sure that all excess salt is off the surface At this point you can slice your bacon thinly and cook. If you want to smoke your bacon then put it in your smoker with your preferance of wood and smoke for two hours at 150F/65C, chill the bacon then slice thinly. This recipe is also great for cuts like boneless loin, pork cheeks and other pork cuts


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