CHB Mail - 2021-07-22


Cereal contenders: The fight that really took the bix-cuit


— Megan Banks

Ilove a good debate with my old mate and co-host Adam Green. There are many things we have differing opinions on such as cream style corn is a gift from the gods (my opinion) and Wendy Botha was every boy’s teenage heartthrob (his lone opinion). It’s great because it all adds some flavour to the relationship. However for nearly four years there’s been one little niggle that I’ve kept inside that’s really irked me every time I’ve heard him talk about it, and this week I couldn’t keep quiet any longer. We were on the subject of Weet-Bix and tomato sauce. A wee combo that a boy we know likes to have for breakfast. Hilarious right?! I mean, butter and marmite on Weet-Bix, sure. Honey, yes. Hot milk, no, never. But tomato sauce? As it turns out little Harrison is the only person in Hawke’s Bay who does that. That little revelation though led to this bigger thought-provoker. What is the word for just one Weet-Bix? Whenever we’re talking about Weet-Bix, Adam gleefully throws out the term Weet-Bic when he’s talking about a singular WeetBix. He thinks he’s a poet laureate by saying the correct term for something he thinks the rest of us idiots never realised. It’s always Weet-Bic this, Weet-Bic that, until today I could take it no more and I called him on it. It’s not a Weet-Bic I said. How can it be, when the product is actually WeetBix. It doesn’t say Weet-Bic on the box, so how can one Weet-Bix possibly be a Weet-Bic? Well, that started the fight of the century with neither one of us backing down. I referred to Adam’s favourite mode of useless information, Reddit, and even everyone on there agreed with me, but it wasn’t enough to convince Adam. So we’re at a Weet-Bix impasse. A dry stodgy one at that! If any readers would like to take a side, please feel free to share your opinion. Email me anytime at nz It gets worse though. In one final blow before we left the studio for the day he informed me he was going home to play Lego with his kids!! Legos !!!! I have to admit, that caused more pain than stepping on a piece of Lego and that’s saying something.


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