CHB Mail - 2021-07-22




Thumbs up: thank you to Diana from the Food Basket for all the great work she does for the local people. And also the Monday team. Thumbs up: to all the people struggling right now. Remember you have survived 100 per cent of your bad days so far. You got this. Thumbs up: to Chelsea who is excellent at taking bloods from special needs children. Thumbs up: to the generous people who came and shared their careers with the students at Argyll East School. Feedback from the students was extremely positive with many talking about careers they’d never considered. Thumbs up: to all the Pakeke Centre volunteer van drivers who collect elderly clients in atrocious weather conditions. Thumbs up: to the Central Hawke’s Bay District Council for allowing the history of Waipukurau come back to life through our stories and Ma¯ ori Art forms — what an honour and a privilege this is. Well done Central Hawke’s Bay. Thumbs up: to the wheelie bin driver who found my son’s lost $20 and got it back to him. Thumbs down: to whoever is responsible for leaving the two speed humps in the Main Street of Waipawa; heavy vehicles can only travel at 10km/h over them when the speed limit says 30km/h.


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